Are you interculturally agile?

Ever wondered why people from other cultures don’t understand you? Or why you don’t get what they mean?  Do you get surprised how others act, conduct themselves or do business the way they do?

Do you work abroad or do you work with people from another culture?
Africans, Europeans, Americans, Chinese, Indians have each their own way of doing things; how to anticipate or deal with it?

While a diverse, global workforce usually presents increased opportunities for innovative approaches, cultural problems can hinder productivity. By recognizing potential obstacles, you can take proactive steps to promote cultural awareness and foster a more productive global workforce.

We discuss your Intercultural Agility in this gathering for CEO’s and MD’s working in East Africa. The moderator at the Summit is Sheriff Aligbeh, a cross-cultural expert and Jean-Louis Homé, an independent consultant on how to do business in Africa.
After successful Intercultural Agility Summits in Europe and Asia, we now organize this first ever Intercultural Agility Summit in Kenya.

The summit brings together intercultural CEO’s, Managing Directors and top management from leading organizations and corporates in East Africa.

A two half days program, conveniently organized on a Friday Afternoon and a Saturday Morning at the Mara Serena Safari Lodge, on 16-17th June 2017!

We also organize the pick-up of your loved ones at home and fly them to the Mara after the Summit for an unforgettable weekend!

Register fast as there are only 25 slots!

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