Friday, June 16th
11:00am    Departure from Wilson Airport to Masai Mara
12:00am    Pick-up at the airport by the Serana Hotel
01:00pm    Lunch in the Mara
02:00pm    Opening program by Lex Lindeman (HRBoosters)
02:30pm    Sheriff Aligbeh “What is Culture and why executives need intercultural skills” (open discussion and information):
Intercultural Reflection through Storytelling
The application of Intercultural Concepts in the Business World
Cultural Agility; Is it a piece of a puzzle in Managing Kenyan and East African Business?
Professionals who study abroad are trained for TRANSFORMATION
Language, Culture, Communication and Collaboration
04:00pm     Exchange of experiences with participants (guided discussion by Sheriff and Lex)
04:30pm     Tea
05:00pm     Do’s and don’ts  in culture
05:30pm     Making use of various cultures

Saturday, June 17th
The Big Questions- Plenary Session
09:00 am    Jean Louis Homé through Skype: Culture, does it really make a difference in business performance
10:00 am    Does studying abroad, the length of time spent, the study of other languages or even living with multicultural families determine whether a person will become culturally sensitive and adaptable?
11:00 am    Should Chief Executives and Managing directors hire expatriates or those who studied abroad to deal with cultural agility?
12:00 am   Which is the best approach to deal with cultures and differences that greatly impact business performances?
12:30 am   Can leadership skills practiced in one’s own culture be naturally transferred and applied in another cultural setting?